"Doug Pearson starts conversations with you. Through these conversations you can create greater success and satisfaction in your life - allowing you to achieve the goals that matter the most."

Jeff Rose, The Rose Group




"I was out of balance in my professional and personal life. Doug Pearson's coaching played a significant role in helping me find better balance. If you're running 100 mph, earning big, living big and still not sure that you're getting everything out of your hard work that you should, do it. It's just that simple. Bottom line, I got much more out of the process, than I put in."

Michael Tessler, Brokerage Unlimited, Inc.




"We were in a situation where our executive management team was not growing at the same fast pace as the company itself. We knew our team was extremely talented but they were struggling. Doug came in and immediately began to develop a clear plan for how to get our team in sync with our growth. I appreciated the fact that he did not try to sell us on a cookie cutter, one size fits all, approach. He understood where our pain was and began to attack the source itself. Needless to say, Doug was successful. Now we are working with him on a strategy to develop our 'next generation of management'."

Ken Vonderahe, President, SteadyRain

Doug Pearson
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