One-on-One Coaching

In today's world the best and brightest among us have at least one person who listens, probes, analyzes, directs and redirects. These leaders work with a coach to engage in the dialogue and seek the perspectives that propel them to the results they desire.

Do you need a coach?
Look at the results you're getting today, and consider whether those are the results you truly want. Is something missing? Is there something that seems to remain just out of your grasp?

A coach can help you tackle the issues that stymie your achievement. A coach can remove blinders you did not realize you wore. A coach can enable you to unleash your strengths so that you become even stronger.

An invitation to action
A willingness to be coached means accepting an invitation to action.

My role as your coach is to create a space for challenging, focused, critical thinking. Together we will make a close examination of where you stand in these key areas:

  • Accountability
  • Performance
  • Decision-making
  • Goals and values
  • Transition and change
  • Balance
  • Profitability
  • Personal responsibility

We'll set goals together, based on what we've learned. And I'll hold you accountable for achieving those results.

How we work together
At the heart of coaching is rigorous dialogue. The success of this dialogue depends on complete openness and authenticity. For many people, this is a stretch at first. My experience and skill as a coach will make it easier for you to cross that threshold so that we can move forward together.

We begin with a 180-day engagement. Together we will work through a series of steps that, in my experience, will enable you to make significant breakthroughs. I can help you experience a distinct shift in the way your world is. This shift reveals possibilities that give you the edge you've been seeking.

Doug Pearson
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