Leadership Development

We develop a successful leadership team by identifying the leadership roles and the skills necessary to fill those roles. Our process maximizes personal performance, eases the stress of change, and ensures productive growth.

The Leadership Development Planning Process will:

Identify Challenges
Determine the key challenges, essential needs, and important opportunities that will be faced during a growth period so that the business expansion runs smoothly and efficiently.

Identify Team Roles
Identify the key roles the Leadership Team will need to fill to meet those challenges and opportunities.

Determine Skills and Competencies
Create a skills and competencies profile for future key roles.

Assess preparedness for the future
Assess the current leadership team and determine what the future skills and competencies profile needs to look like as the business grows.

Equip team members for success
Determine the developmental needs and the team's optimal opportunities for growth to create a customized path to success.

Implementation Plan:
There are five steps --

  • Identify the key challenges, opportunities and roles that are involved in achieving the company's identified strategic goals. We will also discuss what Leadership 'looks like' now, and what it will need to look like in the future.
  • Using data gathered from this discussion a skills and competencies profile will be drafted for the future Leadership Team of the company.
  • Each member of the Leadership Team will participate in a 360 degree assessment that assesses the current level of skill as compared to the future Leadership profile.
  • Conduct one-on-one debriefing sessions with each person that took the assessment; a group report will be prepared to share with the entire team.
  • Present a summary of the analysis process; the relative readiness of the Leadership Team and recommendations for future development. Individual development recommendations will also be made privately. The Leadership Team will then be in a position to determine future action.

Doug Pearson
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