December 26, 2014

Cairo to Cape Town - 8 Days to Departure . . .

People come into our lives – Some for a moment; some for a season; and others for a lifetime . . .

I met Dana during a shark diving expedition off of the coast of South Africa in 2010 (This area of the world has one of the greatest concentrations of Great White Sharks on earth!).  During a brief twenty minute conversation she explained to me that she had just completed bicycling the length of Africa and introduced me to Tour d’Afrique ( – That brief moment dramatically altered the course of my life . . .

I met Dwight in Las Vegas in 2011 (Before your mind wanders too far, I was delivering a keynote address at a conference that he was attending).  He and I developed a professional relationship that has connected us for several years now.  Dwight has supported my efforts in preparing for Tour d’Afrique, but more importantly, he has taught me much about full self-expression and the deeper significance of my spiritual life.  Our season together has developed into a valued friendship . . .

I met Chip about 30 years ago.  He is a great friend (Although frankly there have been times when I didn’t deserve to be his friend).  He has walked along side of me as I have prepared for this trip.  Over almost a lifetime, he has (And continues to) teach me generosity – in just about every aspect of life . . .

I have been told that this trip will change my life . . .  It already has!!!

Many of you who are reading this have made a “profound difference” in my life.  Thank you . . .

So I guess if you can do something, maybe I can too . . .

The challenge – To make a profound difference – maybe for a moment; a season; or a lifetime . . .


December 12, 2014

Hi All:

I am less than 30 days away from departing on my 7,200 mile bike expedition down the length of the African continent (See  It seems ironic (And a little daunting!) that my flight from St. Louis to Cairo, Egypt is a shorter distance (6,200 Miles) than the distance that I will be cycling!!

There are roughly 60 people from (Literally) all over the globe that will be joining me; with a half dozen or so coming from the U.S.  My wife Carolyn will be picking up the ride in Victoria Falls, Zambia and we will cycle from there together almost 2,000 miles to the finish line in Cape Town, South Africa. 

As a group, we are all just beginning to get to know one another via email.  It has been fun to try to get a picture of what the various personalities will be like based in their email communications!

Much of the preparation is completed, but there seems to be so much more to do . . . 

My training earlier has been good, however as my departure approaches, I feel my training is off a bit –That along with my more common anxieties – Ebola; Cholera; Dengue Fever; and Parasites; Not to mention, Lions; Tigers and Bears!! J  Is a concern for sure!!

As the days to departure (January 3rd) draw closer, I will (Attempt to) be in more regular communication!

Thank you all for your interest and for your Prayers!!


January 17, 2014

“Safari” in  Swahili means long journey . . .

Mine started 698 days ago and as of today I have 357 days until I embark on my ‘Cycling Safari’ across the length of the continent of Africa.

Since my last blog (Which has been some time ago) I have been training (Physically), building my 2014 business and raising sponsorship funds (To date companies/people have contributed $10,000 towards my goal of $30,000) and learning about this thing called Africa -

A friend, Chandos H. from South Africa lent me a book, entitled, “Dark Star Safari” which is the story of Paul  Theroux’s journey by train, boat and cattle truck across much of the same path I will be taking when I leave next January, 2015.  In his book, he describes some of the most beautiful - and often life threatening landscapes on earth.  His story left me unsettled about even doing the trip . . .

Over Christmas, my daughter Sarah also gave me a book entitled, “RusticoRiders Cycle Africa” which is the story of a couple in their 60’s who did the same cycling trip in 2008, with the same touring company (Tour d’Afrique) that I will be doing.  Theirs was a much different experience . . . Welcoming faces, people living in peace and harmony with their surroundings and a time of remarkable self-reflection . . .

I suspect my long journey will involve some of both . . .


August 13, 2013:

Today I was inspired by a gentleman whom I met while doing a training ride.  He had travel packs on his bike and was clearly doing something other than just a day ride.

I asked him where he was traveling from and he replied, "Oregon". 

As we rode and talked, I learned that he had traveled some 3,200 miles since June 1st and was within 10 miles or so of his final destination, St. Charles, Missouri.  He was 71 years old!!

I cannot even imagine!!  I was so inspired!

A special "Thanks" to the man that was brought into my life today -- You gave me the boost I needed!!


Hi All:

This is the first entry for my "Big Hairy Audacious Goal" (BHAG) - Completing a bicycling trip down the length of Africa - Cairo to Cape Town, in January of 2015.

I have been cycling for about 15 years – Almost entirely on paved roads.

NEVER done anything like this before — VERY EXCITED!!

I view this trip as a challenge to stretch my learning  -- Intellectually, Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually. I am sure it will challenge me in more ways than I could possibly imagine (In fact it already has). . . 

My hope is that I can bring these experiences into my Coaching work to help others transform, as I am ongoingly transforming my own life . . .

Even though the trip that I am taking isn’t until 2015, I’ll start training on the 1st of May, 2013.

I am looking forward to an exciting adventure!!


Thank you for your interest.


Doug Pearson
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